1.  TTT Manual

2.  Lecture Series (one year) ICD-10-CM and CPT Coding Guidelines

3.  Unlimited attendance at Mid Month Mock Exam (MMM) (one year)

4.  Unlimited AMCI Boot Camp attendances (one year)

5.  TTT Class (Live or Playback) -  the TTT class focuses on the more complex coding concepts from each CPT chapter (one year)


The TTT class subjects include:


  •  - Coding Vascular Families

  •  - Moh's Micrographic Surgery

  •  - Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

  •  - Pacemakers, Valves and CABG

  •  - E/M auditing for the CPC exam and how to CHUN the E/M section

Students have access to the TTT Course for One Year 

AMCI TTT Course is for student who have completed a comprehensive coding course.  This Course will teach you how to take the Professional Coding Certification (CPC) Exam.  

The course consists of the following:

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