Change of Payment Disclosure

By changing your subscription payment, you authorize AMCI to deduct the agreed-upon payment from the financial institution (listed on your application and/or Payment change form via Stripe)  each month until paid in full.   Your signature also confirms that you understand that payment plans are a courtesy extended by AMCI due each month on the exact day of the initial payment. You further agree that AMCI is extending this payment plan under the condition that you agree to make monthly payments until the full price of the course minus any discounts) is paid in full.    Skipped/Failed payments for any reason,  will incur a 20.00 per incident fee.  You affirm that you understand there are absolutely NO REFUNDS. You agree not to file disputes with your financial institution for any tuition payment within the agreed amount. (minus any discounts) A filed dispute with your financial institution for amounts owed to AMCI will be considered a breach of this contract. Any breach of this agreement can result in our demand for the remaining balance, a $250.00 per incident fee, and immediate removal from the course until paid in full.  Course reactivation could take up to 48 hours.

AMCI Student Privacy Policy 

As a Covered Entity under the HIPAA act of 1996: This affirms AMCI's commitment to student privacy and confidentiality.  Any communication between AMCI and partners will be deemed confidential.  Protecting your confidentiality and Protected Personal Information is among our highest priorities. 

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