AMCI Test Taking Techniques
(TTT) Bundle Course/Phase II

AMCI TTT Phase II (TTT Bundle) is for student who have completed a comprehensive coding course.  This Course will teach you how to take the Professional Coding Certification (CPC) Exam using the AMCI Trademarked Test Taking Techniques (TTT).  

What you will Receive in the Course:

1.  TTT Manual

2.  Unlimited Group Study attendance - study group with AMCI instructors to help refine the TTT skills

3.  Unlimited attendance at Mid Month Mock Exam (MMM)

4.  Unlimited AMCI Boot Camp attendances 

5.  TTT Class (Live or Playback) -  the TTT class focuses on the more complex coding concepts from each CPT chapter 


The TTT class subjects include:

  •  - Coding Vascular Families

  •  - Moh's Micrographic Surgery

  •  - Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

  •  - Pacemakers, Valves and CABG

  •  - E/M auditing for the CPC exam and how to CHUN the E/M section

  •  - More..

* Students enrolled in AMCI comprehensive (Guided/Indy) courses attend free upon completion of Phase II.


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