7 Things NOT To Do As Soon As You Wake Up

The way you start you day is generally the way you end it. Here are 7 things to consider NOT doing as soon as you way up. People are typically creatures of habit. You may need to reassess your habits to get the most out of the coming day.


DO NOT hop out of bed and go straight for a cup of coffee. The mere act of waking up heightens cortisol levels. The consumption of coffee upon waking could cause you to become jittery. On top of that, it can confuse the natural cortisol monitoring system in your body, which could lead to you crashing (energy-wise) later. My research shows that the best timing a cup of coffee is between 10 am and noon.


Most of you probably use your cell phone as an alarm clock. It is probably literally the first thing you look at when you wake. Press dismiss on your phone and then put it down. I know you will be tempted to check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and your Email... but hold your horses and consider this: Be your own priority. Shower, wash your face, brush your teeth….take care of your personal hygiene. DO NOT let a social media account or an email take priority at the start of your day.


Formulate a game plan for the following day IN ADVANCE. DO NOT wake up to tackling what the day will hold. If you prepare in advance, it really does take a lot of stress out of the day.


DO NOT try to get ready in the dark. Open the curtains or blinds and let some light in. Our circadian clock is activated by early morning sunlight. The Circadian Clock heightens the release of cortisol in our body. This elevation of cortisol puts us on our "A" game for decisions and concentration requirements that we are sure to encounter throughout the day.


Before you grab that remote and tune into the News….Think about it. First of all, the TV is just noise, and the News can be quite negative, which can get your cortisol levels pumping….as soon as you wake up, and that is not a good thing. If you want to start your day as peacefully as possible, DO NOT turn on the TV.


Resist the temptation to hit snooze. Get right up and proactively greet the day. You mess around and press snooze, and before you know it, you are running late or are in the middle of rush hour traffic or chasing a bus that you literally just missed. Plus the fact if you lay there and doze back off you would be triggering your sleep cycle to start all over, which leaves you moody and tired at the start of the day. DO NOT press snooze.


Here is something you may not have considered: Leaving your bed unmade while you get ready for the day allows the mattress to air out. This kills dust mites that thrive in warm moist environments. DO NOT make your bed as soon as you get out of it.

Try implementing these 7 things and see if it makes a difference ;)

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