AAPC Owner Indicted on Federal Corruption and Bribery Charges in North Carolina

Greg Lindberg, Owner AAPC

Greg Lindberg, the owner of Eli Global who owns AAPC, one of the nation's largest medical coding certification companies, appeared in court on 4/2/2019 to answer charges of trying to bribe NC Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey by contributing over a million dollars toward his re-election campaign. It is alleged that Lindberg wanted Causey to provide "favors" on behalf of one of Lindberg's companies including the removal of an NC insurance department employee responsible for regulating Lindberg's company.

In 2018, Lindberg had contributed millions to Republican candidates in North Carolina state elections and was regarded as one of the largest private campaign donors in the state.

Eli Global's company AAPC has over 175,000 members who hold positions throughout the world and are responsible for health care compliance, medical documentation compliance, and acquisition of medical reimbursements from medical insurance companies. All AAPC members are held to high moral and ethical standards.

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