Are you prepared for the Written CCSⓇ Medical Coding Exam?

Updated: Jan 30

According to AHIMA's Certification Connection the CCSⓇ exam will follow a new WRITTEN format: Currently, the CCSⓇ exam is an online exam administered through Pearson VUE, and the results are delivered instantly. The current exam measures Seven Domains:

1. Clinical Documentation

2. Diagnosis coding

3. Procedure Coding

4. Reporting Requirements for Inpatient Services

5. Reporting Requirements for Outpatient Services

6. Data Quality Management

7. Privacy, Confidentiality, Legal Ethical Issues

The new CCSⓇ exam plan highlights four domains, which have a total of 20 specific job tasks that fall within the following Four domains:

1. Coding Knowledge and Skills

2. Coding Documentation

3. Provider Queries

4. Regulatory Compliance

The new certification exam will feature six scenarios with three questions representing the following: Two inpatient, two outpatient, and two emergency department scenarios. Like the current exam, the new CCSⓇ exam will be administered at Pearson VUE, but several questions are left unanswered as the new format is still in the "blueprint" stage. The most important question could be, how long will it take for the exam to be graded?

The updated CCS exam blueprint, as well as a list of allowable code books for the 2020 exam, will be available soon through AHIMA. For more information about the 2020 CCS exam effective May 1, 2020, contact AHIMA.ORG

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