Is Your Mind, Body, & Spirit Prepared for the Big Exam?

Updated: Jan 23

There are many things to consider when you are studying. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that YOU DO NOT WANT TO BURN OUT, that is, you do not want to create a situation that overwhelms you. Let's think about ways to prevent and relieve stress BEFORE you become stressed out.

6 Things to Consider When Studying


Did you know that black and green tea IMPROVE MEMORY & CONCENTRATION? Both prevent the breakdown of a vital neurotransmitter associated with forming memories. According to researchers at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK, coffee does not have the same effect.

Green and white tea come out ahead in other brain enhancing functions. Green and white tea possess more of a chemical known as L-theanine. L-theanine resembles glutamate, a neurotransmitter related to memory. Once theanine passes through the blood-brain barrier, it exerts a brain-protective effect….these teas help with memory and concentration. Why not investigate herbal teas that aid in memory and concentration and learn to love tea if you don't already.


PLANT POSITIVE INTENTIONS. Visualize yourself passing your exam. Visualize yourself in your dream job. Visualize yourself, making enough money to maintaining your style of living. It is crucial to think of these positive thoughts because your thoughts are powerful. WHAT YOU THINK IS WHAT YOU BECOME.


Change your scenery. Meet up with friends for an hour, RELAX at a coffee shop, or watch a good movie. Take the time to think about something other than your studies. THEN go back to your studies. Too much of anything can be overwhelming. Don't get burnt out.


PHYSICAL ACTIVITY is one way to relieve stress. From a relaxing walk, taking your dog for a walk, exercise (spending time in nature can relax your mind), a good old dance break…when you get your body working, you WILL sweat off tension. So, get to moving and get that blood pumping, take a nice shower, and then go back to studying. Sometimes you need to walk away from it for a minute. You will find that when you get back to it, you will have fresh energy and fresh eyes.


Have you ever tried YOGA or MEDITATION? How about a massage or a hot bubble bath? The goal is to think about anything other than studying for that hour…. recharge so that when you get back to studying, you have a new drive and new passion. It is impossible to get the most out of studying when you are thinking about not studying.


Create a GAME PLAN. Be strategic in the way you study. Treat your study time as a part-time job. When you are organized, you will finish tasks and give your studies the proper time and energy required to get the most out of it.

· Where are you going to study?

· How long are you going to study?

· Do you have healthy snacks?

· What about lighting? Do you have proper lighting?

· Is that chair you are sitting in promoting proper posture that does not involve being stiff or sore when you stand up?

· Are you taking breaks?

Consider all these things and know that they are critical in a good game plan for studying. Treat your body like you would your car. Give it the maintenance it needs to be a high performing machine. Give it fuel…that’s the food it needs. Give it water…. make sure it doesn’t overheat (become dehydrated) Make sure you drive it….get exercise. Park sometimes and rest so that you will be ready for you next drive. Be on the lookout for more blogs from AMCI that help you become you ABSOLUTE best. Until Next time….

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